• Dinorah, Dinorah

    Here it goes “Dinorah, Dinorah“. The melody was composed first, in late 1976, in a Gaveau piano, at Mrs. Edith’s home, my ex-mother in law, using a National keystroke recorder. The old guard must remember. When I was doing the melody, the phrase “Oh, Dinorah, Dinorah” always came to me. I always thought it was […]

  • “Começar de novo” – Starting again

    Hello folks! Today I’m going to tell the story of the song “Começar de novo” which means “Starting again”. In 1979, the Rede Globo’s director, Daniel Filho, asked me and the poet and lyricist Vitor Martins, a song for the opening of the series “Malu Mulher” (Malu Woman) The synopsis was sent to Victor, who […]

  • Vitoriosa – Victress

    The song “Vitoriosa” started to be composed on a flight from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. A melody started coming up so I picked up a paper to write some notes that was pounding in my head. Next day at the sound check for a concert at Canecão Music Hall I took the piece […]

  • Vieste – You came

    It was made originally for my marriage with Valeria, in November 1986, at the farm in São Paulo. Actually there were two songs, “Vieste“(You came) and “Iluminados “(Illuminated). Of course it was deeply emotional, but it was lovely, in the open air, on a sunny afternoon. Pelé, the King of football, also married with this […]